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Make a donation to the So HBCU scholarship fund

So HBCU's mission is to acknowledge, recognize, and support the efforts and contributions of Black women at HBCUs by providing scholarships opportunities for Black women that attend HBCUs.

In the past 6 years, we have been able to award four scholarships to North Carolina A&T and Clemson, and Edward Waters students. Help us invest in the future of our society by supporting Black women attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Your donation to this scholarship fund can help alleviate the financial burden these students face, allowing them to focus on their studies and pursue their goals. 


Learn more about the scholarship here.

"To be a Black woman in America is to be a hustler. "Hustle", a common slang, to me when loosely translated means to aggressively and relentlessly chase your dreams. Ever since l left Nigeria, every day has felt exactly like that word- hustle! Becoming an immigrant woman in America is an entirely different kind of struggle. I realized the significance that my skin color held, and all the stereotypes that came with it. I realized how I would be judged and treated differently: first because I am black, second, because I'm a woman, and third because I have an accent. Imagine having to adjust your accent every time you speak because nobody understands you, or having to answer ridiculous questions about where you're from. I have to work extra hard to convince myself that I belong, to get rid of those voices inside my head that tell me I am not enough. I have to fight hard every day for my identity: reminding myself that my accent is perfectly fine just the way it is, reminding myself where I am from, and reminding myself that I have people who love and are rooting for me."

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Our most recent scholarship recipient

Edward Waters College | Jacksonville, FL

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