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Make a donation to the soHBCU scholarship fund

soHBCU's mission is to acknowledge, recognize, and support the efforts and contributions of HBCUs by providing scholarships to deserving HBCU students.

In the past 4 years, we have been able to award three scholarships to North Carolina A&T and Clemson students. We want to continue giving HBCU students these kinds of opportunities. There is a special benefit in not having to worry about how tuition is going to get paid, or even how to afford books. When students don't have to worry about these things, room is freed up for students to excel academically and enjoy their time in school.  We can only do that with your support. Your donations to soHBCU will go directly into the soHBCU scholarship fund. 


Learn more about the scholarship here.

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"Visiting the campus and interacting with the faculty and current students sealed the deal for me.  My Fall 2019 HBCU has shown me that my success is important and a priority. My HBCU has already shown me that being a visionary leader is important to not only problem solve but to be able to inspire others."

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